Saturday, January 29, 2011

Following your innate despite shift because shift happens

Wow,  These last two weeks have blown me away.  I have just followed my own innate of what to do for so long, "Build it and they will come"'  Well that prophesy showed itself in the last two weeks.  I have gotten to truly successfully use my background and innate in such a variety of cases.  I'm getting to do everything from sports medicine, rehab, fertility, personal growth, animals the list goes on.... I can't believe how stimulating it is to work lots!!! 

I am so grateful for my reiki swap group providing me community, my clients for believing and trusting in the work, my family for just being themselves and my resting place to play.  Allowing the diversity of my passions full expression in such variety is like getting to eat all the colorful veggies in a platter.  Such pleasure in the simplicity and uniqueness of each one!!

Gotta love it!!

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