Have you ever wondered why you can't get some of your hurtful stories out of your head?  Do you re-play events, woulda coulda shoulda's, again and again?  What if you could use these stories to heal?

With the BREAKTHROUGH STEPS we use these stories to UNCOVER limiting beliefs that are holding you back.  Most of these beliefs we have held since childhood where we DOWNLOADED beliefs about ourselves that have become our deepest wounds. Then.... the people and events in our lives trigger these wounds to bring our attention to them, so "why dont we give them attention?".  Because we are so wrapped up in the story that we have no ground beneath our feet to be able to objectify, or see where we are feeding the trauma and still believing it.

Conflict is healing when you understand the underlying dynamics of how conflict brings us the opportunity to look at ourselves in a different way, take responsibility and see through the veil of the unconcious. 

Come and engage in concious healing through the BreakThrough System!!  You will never see conflict in the same way again, I promise.