To solve any problem often you just need the right tools and resources.  In BodyTalk we take a little different view on health.  We see that the body heals itself, when you cut your finger your body goes about with heat, pain, sending resources, automatically to bring about healing.  So if the body, mind or spirit is not healing we see that that healing is blocked, not that the body is broken.  In BodyTalk the Certified BodyTalk Practitioner becomes your teammate utilizing your innate to surface the priority imbalance and then resourcing you with an advanced toolbox for unblocking, synthesizing, synchronzing, and balancing functions of the whole person (body, mind and spirit) so that it may return to its natural state- growth and healing. 

Most people have been trained into a more fight or flight state chronically.  As fight or flight lights up totally different areas of the brain and prioritizing differently (coping) than growth and healing (handling, dealing with), we spend the first couple treatments re-training the system to come and problems from a more resourced position focusing more on thriving rather than the more crippled stance of survival.

What is so great about the BodyTalk system is that we not only implement formulas to facilitate the body to heal itself,  as an added bonus the body also learns a different way of handing problems with health from this approach.  Rather than sweeping problems under the carpet until they are so rancid you have to deal with them (big mess by that point), the body starts to do general cleaning and addressing problems as they come up.  BodyTalk can also facilitate preventative care in which we are no longer just addressing the areas that are hemorraging or critical, we address the general imbalances before they lead to ill health and optimize the functioning of the system. 

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