Friday, November 19, 2010

FAMILY- The pathological Divide and Conquer

Do you feel like your family functions in a disconnected way?  Everyone getting stuff done separately and just living together?  Do we live and dream and partner together or just share bills and live our own lives like roomates?

I feel like this is the pathological form of family we have formed in our culture.  Driven by needs of materialism and doing we have lost family.  Family to me feels like an interconnected matrix that fulfills ALL needs (not just material) that we couldnt fulfill separately.  Building this type of community becomes difficult with everyone addicted to their separate facebook, cellphone, networked communities that function separately from the family.  We are losing the connection interface between loved ones.

My feeling of what I want from family is a place where we dream together, face challenges together, facilitate each other in a loving way.  Why do we only get this during times of extreme struggle or celebration- a family sickness, a wedding, christmas.  Can we have daily integrated connection?

Exercises and Questions
1) Can you make time every day to re-focus on the family to build the strength of that matrix.  Meal time, bed time routine.  The trick is seeing this as a feeding tool not just as another chore (and everyone participating).
2)  What are the dreams of your family.  Where are you going as a group.  What are you doing to get there.
3)  Evaluate your to do list.  Are they all self goals?  Do you have any goals that you could work toward together that you are currently working on separately?  Mind map each of your roles in accomlishing your community goal!!

Just some current thoughts


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