This class focuses on really opening us to the awareness of the body.  We use Visualization and Breathing to gain awareness of blockage and to deepen our practice.  With my background in \Kinesiology, Massage Therapy and Energy work, we ingage in everyone finding their personal edge and working with it, rather than focus on attainment of something.  This is a personal process for all participants including the instructor.  

For now we are focusing on a Gentle Hatha Yoga, although some people may argue with that as some of the poses can take us very far.  We want to open the body and re-align and then start to build strength from that place.  For the next 4 weeks we will be using shoulder and pelvic opening poses while working in alignement poses.  Then we will introduce some flow routines. 

Welcome to our Customized Yoga Classes at Tapping Health
Kim Katerenchuk BKIN, RMT, CBP, ParBP, BAT
Owner and Founder