BODYTALK ACCESS - Expand your toolbox to optimize general Health

BodyTalk Access is a one day course covering the grassroots of The BodyTalk System.  While BodyTalk has rapidly spread across the world as a paradigm shifting health care system, we still needed a system that would empower communities and families to in house handle alot of the day to day problems that arise. 

Sooooo! Enter BodyTalk Access a system that packaged 5 of the most used, general balancing techniques in the BodyTalk System to cover General Brain Balancing, Immune System Functioning, General Body Balance and Vitality.  During this one day Course you will be exposed to the general understandings of how the body balances itself, and how it becomes blocked, as well this general wellness routine including Cortices, Switching, Hydration, BodyChemistry, Reciprocals that you can use for self healing and general balancing of your community.  In Addition, you will learn the BodyTalk Fast Aid Routine that will focus the body on injury and produce the quickest injury healing you have ever seen (using this technique- I was out of a cast, 3 broken bones in my leg, in 1 week)!! 

We equate BodyTalk Access as general house cleaning, the floors, dishes ect.. Then the BodyTalk System applied by a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner can take care of the DeCluttering and Big Projects. 
"I have found over my 10 years of practice that when people are utilizing the BodyTalk Access system then when they come to me for sessions,  they heal faster, are getting sick less, have higher levels of vitality, and generally handle life in a more practical and balanced way."  This is a truly empowered way for the client to utilize health care!

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